During the summer of 2000 I began exploring a language, not of words, but of the shapes and gestures we make with our hands and arms. When these gestures are isolated in a still photo, they take on the character of calligraphy and can be pieced together in words, sentences, or narratives. Reading this language requires something other than intellectual deciphering.

That September, the U.S. experienced an unprecedented attack and everyday we read and listened to the words of the news. The words layered and repeated themselves often becoming incomprehensible to me. I looked to the “language of gesture” in news photos, wondering if there was information that could be understood by my body. I began collecting news photos from the Sunday papers. After stripping away all information but the hand and arm gestures, I found imbedded stories in calligraphic form. I continued this process, assembling 52 weeks of news into small books. I cannot interpret the stories into a spoken language, but I know something more of the news from reading these books. 52 Gestures offers an opportunity to read the news from a different part of your body.