flat fall

Working with the loss of something as humble as a cottonwood limb inspired consideration of the transformative power and beauty of death. Installation includes:

Downed cottonwood limb from the only mature tree in the yard at Two Dot School Studios, Two Dot Montana. The limb fell under heavy ice and snow in a windstorm in March of 2014. It was sectioned into 337 pieces, sanded, cataloged, waxed, transported to Seattle and reassembled in a horizontal flattened version of its once vertical three-dimensional form.

Five drawings derived from the shadows of the limb’s smaller branches are registered at two different times of day in two different values made of coffee and sumi ink.

Small tree round commemorating the journey from Two Dot to Seattle.

One copy of flat fall: the book chronicling the artist’s relationship with the tree and the process of its transformation.