Lost Long: a landscape

A long distance love affair with a western landscape recounts days together, imagines reunions, and tries to make real what is distant. Installation includes:

Translation of the horizon line seen from nearly 8000 feet elevation on Daisy Peak in the Little Belt Range of the Montana Rockies. The horizon was first committed to 15 pages of a drawing book on site, and translated here in 1200 map pins.

Three summers of Two Dot mail room daily cards with date stencil tracking the earth’s rotation and events of the day recorded on the card backs.  

Sunlight-through-the-window simulator.  

Light bed with paper sticks re-drawn from drawings made by tracking stick shadows in Two Dot.  At the feet of the light bed are the same sticks re-imagined in Seattle.

Audio including sounds of a retired schoolyard, a church, and a record of one summer’s weather in Two Dot.

Layer of Seattle’s light and sound from outside the gallery windows.

Lost Long: a true romance exploring with truth and humor this longed-for landscape as lover.