looking at death

John and I drove to Bozeman this afternoon. As we pulled into town, I noticed all the flags were at half staff. We have chosen to separate form the news in Two Dot… to giver ourselves a reprieve from what is generally depressing. So, we didn’t know. I assumed someone of power had died, but of course it was more than that… another shooting slaughter by another mad man. And now, at least 50 people have met death without warning, without cause, without justification…just because they were in a gay bar. I am without words. But maybe this question - is there a way to find power in tragedy… the power to stand together for humanity?

Thinking about death in terms other than death is an occupation of aging. How much longer can I camp and sleep on the ground? Can I still maintain a house? Will I stay awake at a late night show? Is this or that ailment chronic? What will happen to all my possessions? Why am I still buying possessions? What happened to my face? I’ve heard it said that you begin dying when you are born. Certainly you get closer everyday. But it is when you are older that things begin to look irreversible. I suspect most young people look at death differently, if they look at all.  The young people slaughtered in Orlando never got the chance for the process.