Two Dot: here=there there=here

In evening light we flew above the Montana clouds. On our way to the airport we had watched an ephemera of light filtering through and around clouds allowing spotlights on sections of pasture made intensely clear by contrast to the surrounding shadows. It was hard not to hear Joni Mitchel. Every picture has its shadows and it has some source of light. As we flew from Two Dot to Seattle, in our seemingly bifurcated life, it was even more difficult to ignore the indivisibility she sang about. Threatened by all things, God of cruelty, Drawn to all things, God of delight. It only appears to be black and white.

After a week away, Two Dot is my here again. Cows are bawling near Big Elk Creek where someone is moving them with a 4-wheeler. The irrigation ditch across the fence, now in use again, brings the cranes close to the schoolhouse. An inch of rain has caused the grass to grow and I need to mow. There is a leak at the water line at the fireplug on our property. Repairs will involve a backhoe and lots of volunteer hours. Water or the lack of it always brings Two Dot together.