Two Dot: watching

There is a little yellow tractor watering the lawn. It was given to John in a broken non-functional state. He has always loved these sprinklers and I found him in the shop yesterday with it completely take apart. By evening it was running its course around the yard.  This morning I sat on the stoop with my coffee, mesmerized by its slow progress moving along the hose from one end of the yard to the other. There is no denying that It is cute and the water makes a beautifully rhythmic sound, but I think it is its mechanical magic that kept me from being able to go back inside to work. 

Two cranes flew past the studio window this morning and since then I’ve been out on the porch watching two pairs eat their way across the field hoping one will take flight again for a photo. I have no need for the photo, It will not be posted to FB or Instagram. So just what do I collect these Montana moments for? So far I have no time in my life to look through them. Is it the mere act of the shutter that changes the event?  Without understanding, I’ve been happily waiting for more than an hour and I continue to wait with my camera next to me… already focused.